Claim for night shift allowance as pensionable income

19.12.2013 15:55:00

Industri Energi and SAFE have received approval from Stavanger District Court to 
make a joint claim for night shift allowance to be counted as pensionable income. The group action is now being taken on behalf of 7500 employees and pensioners in 19 companies within the floating rig area.

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The Group will be established according to the following procedure: All affected employees are taking part in the action, unless you state in writing that you do not want to participate. The deadline for withdrawal is 3. February 2014.Foto: Arild Theimann

Those who choose not to participate will generally not be covered by increased pension rights, should Industri Energi and SAFE be successful in the action. If the case is lost, and costs are awarded, these will be covered by the trade unions.

The demand for the night shift allowance to be included as pensionable income will affect current and former employees of the following companies: Maersk Drilling Norge AS, Saipem S.P.A, Saipem Drilling Norway AS, Knutsen Offshore AS, Transocean Offshore Norway Services AS, Dolphin Drilling AS, Norsk Offshore Catering AS, Ocean Rig North Sea AS, Odfjell Drilling Management AS, Deep Sea Management AS, OSM Offshore AS, North Atlantic Crew AS, Archer Norge AS, Sodexo Mobile Units AS, Songa Services AS, Stena Drilling AS, Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd., Island Offshore Crewing AS and Island Offshore Subsea Crewing AS.

In June 2012, Stavanger District Court dismissed the bringing of such a suit against the companies as a group action. Inudstri Energi and SAFE appealed the decision to Gulating Court of Appeal, which overturned Stavanger District Court’s decision in November of the same year. In the rehearing, the trade unions were successful and the employers have not appealed. The decision that the group action is possible in this claim is thus final and conclusive.

The Industri Energi-contact for the case is National Officer Gro Losvik:
Mobile: +47 92 22 21 90