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26.03.2014 11:19:00

Industri Energi gives you the ability to obtain what you can not manage on your own.

It's about having a say in matters concerning your pay, working hours, overtime, and leisure time. It's about health and safety. It's about co-determination, influence, and about being there for each other. It's about closures, redundancies, demergers, mergers, and relocations abroad. It's about not standing alone.

The key benefit of being a member of Industri Energi is the help and support available from a trade union that protects your pay and working conditions.

Industri Energi represents around 60,000 employees in industry, both onshore and offshore. We are many. And we are listened to.

See also Industri Energi's benefits programme, which ensures you as a member favourable insurance cover and other benefits for you and your family. 

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