Subscription rates for 2014

26.03.2014 11:29:00

Including insurance cover and deductions, membership of Industri Energi essentially costs less than NOK 50 per month. If you make active use of your membership benefits, you can actually come out ahead.

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Subscription rates with effect from January 2014

  • Standard subscription: 1.3% of gross pay, maximum NOK 488 per month.

  • As a member of a trade union, you are also entitled to a tax allowance of up to NOK 3,850 annually. Members also pay a branch subscription of 0.25% or the subscription rate set by the individual branches.

  • Membership includes collective legal insurance, a benefit that costs NOK 55 per month. (In some companies subscriptions and legal insurance are paid in a joint deduction equivalent to 1.47% or a maximum of NOK 543 per month).

  • Direct members of the union/branch (economically active) pay a monthly subscription of NOK 488.

  • Subscription for members outside the Nordic region: 1.3% of gross pay, maximum NOK 419 per month.

  • School pupils and apprentices under contract pay no subscription.

  • Student membership: only NOK 10 per month, including legal insurance.

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